You have a powerful presence. You like to make things happen and get things done. You’re not afraid to tell people what you think or do what it takes to get the job done. You want justice.

But you can be a bully, mowing down anybody you think is in your way. Even so, your thick hide can hide a surprisingly sensitive heart.

Because you get bored so easily, so need a dozen irons in the fire and a fast-paced, stimulating environment. You simply must be boss, if only because you don’t want to be controlled by others. But even being CEO of your own company requires reporting to boards, investors, the media, and customers. So much for autonomy. And your tendency to micro-manage can turn your position into, well, a job. Above all, play nice with the people you meet on the way up, because you’re going to see them again on the way down. You may even one day have to, gulp, work for them.

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Type Eight Guide


The Warrior Angel

Highly confident and assertive, you value power and control. You seek to establish a sense of strength and authority, and will stand up for yourself and others when necessary, bringing justice and fairness to the world.

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