Live Your Life at the Highest Level

Every individual is good for something. But good for what? Too many people don’t know who they are. As a result, they don’t know what to do or even what they really want. Let alone where they belong. 

Angelogic® turns good people into better angels through interactive instruction and interdimensional community. By matching the celestial algorithm of your unique personality to the hidden synchronicity of the universe, Angelogic helps you identify the emotion or “bad angel” holding you back and release your “better angel” so you can soar. 

Where your soul’s deep joy meets the world’s deep need.

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Academy Book Cover

Meet your Good, Bad and Better Angels at Angelogic Academy

Angelogic Academy is where you’ll learn to soar. Your flight training starts with our free quiz, which generates your unique personality Key and launches your free Basic Training email course under the stellar instruction of Master Trainer and Angelogic CEO Mysta Farr.

Through that email course, you will be visited by three angels — your Good, Bad and Better Angels — who will help you discover who you are, where you belong and what’s holding you back. 

Start your flight training now.