Officially, the Astra is a technology engine developed by the Angelogic corporation to generate a unique personality key for angels to unlock their hidden forces and live their lives at the highest level.

But angels aren’t dummies. 

You may suspect there’s more to the Astra than meets the eye.

There is.

What Is The Astra?

The answer to that question — and all its rewards — is the purpose of the forthcoming alternate reality game Doomsday Angel: Astra on the social platform Discord.

Many humans accept the Astra as a symbolic nine-pointed star used by the Angelogic corporation to define the boundaries of human personality. Mystics say it’s a portal to celestial dimensions — but of what kind?

Only those who complete their training at Angelogic Academy and compete in Doomsday Angel: Astra will ever know the truth.  


Experience Angelogic’s

Angelogic Inc. at its inception created an Easter egg — the Astra — and hid it somewhere in its augmented reality game Doomsday Angel: Astra.

There you will join your elite squadron of REAL people and angels in battle across the Three Heavens to reach the Astra. The rare few who make it to the end will be rewarded with the reality-breaking secrets of Angelogic’s Doomsday Scrolls — and assume command in the Special Forces WIng. 

Doomsday Angel: Astra is currently in test flight status. The way is shut to all but a select group of test pilots.  

Future fighter pilots can prepare themselves now at Angelogic Academy by studying their guides. Every guide contains the hidden codes necessary to advance in the game at launch. 

In short, whether you realize it or not, your game has begun. Your guides at Angelogic Academy detail how your good, bad and better angels are already at work in your life. Doomsday Angel: Astra is your night vision tech to actually see them.

Prospective pilots can sign up now to be notified when they can apply to join their squadron in the Special Forces Wing.  


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