You want to help others, and you understand just what they need.

But your own fear that you’re not loved or even lovable can lead you to manipulate them into needing you. Worse, if they fail to express the love and gratitude you expect, you feel disappointed.

Making other people happy makes you happy — which is why any job that involves constantly rejecting others will make you miserable. You love to feel like you’re contributing, but all too often you can find yourself giving too much. You draw everyone together and are devoted to building deeper relationships with your colleagues and bosses. Seek roles where your helpfulness is appreciated. Avoid roles where you’re taken for granted, because you’ll only feel resentful.

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Type Two Guide


The Helper Angel

Caring and empathetic, you personify an angel’s deep desire to help others. You seek to build strong relationships and provide support to others, and are driven to create harmony and connection in the world.

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