You want everyone to get along, and to be safe. You see trouble up ahead and take action to avoid it. You’re brave, cool and collected. Troubles mount up when you stop trusting yourself. Learn to quiet your mind through prayer, meditation, music and other practices. Stop to smell the roses and see all the good in your life right now. You worry too much and seek security in jobs than can leave you unhappy. Same with certain relationships. Start-ups will probably look too risky to you. Find companies that share your values and answer your questions when they arise.  You’re a loyal, committed team member. Wherever you are, they’re lucky to have you. You might as well enjoy the kind of practical, steady work that also adds a spring to your step.

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Type Six Guide


The Skeptic Angel

Highly loyal and dedicated, you need security and stability. You trust in authority and adhere to established rules and traditions, thus creating a sense of safety and protection for yourself and others in this unpredictable world.

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