You want to squeeze the juice out of life. You’re fun to be around and make friends wherever you go. You know you only live once (YOLO) and have a fear of missing out (FOMO). You’re open to new experiences but have trouble finishing what you start.

Dull, predictable work sucks the life out of you. Find something that excites you and offers variety. But also learn to slow down and get in touch with any emotional pain fueling your lust for life. Then you can channel your enthusiasm with more simplicity and grace.

Because you don’t follow the rules—and can flout authority—you’re better off in fast-paced, unstructured environments. The kind that let you bring your creativity and storytelling to your work and to dream big.

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The Enthusiast Angel

Lively and upbeat, you love to explore new experiences and seek all the thrills this world has to offer. Your irrepressible joy and freedom are infectious, bringing adventure and excitement to those around you.

There's more to YOU than you know.

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