You’re the quintessential Creative. Too bad your moods swing between your envy to be just like everyone else in society and your deep desire to prove just how unique you are.

Fight the urge to indulge your melancholy moods to avoid what you are feeling—that you’re different and possibly even ashamed of it.

Because you thrive in work that engages your self-expression, a regular corporate job with benefits might feel like a golden coffin. Getting that MBA or law degree probably isn’t worth it. You love to contribute, but in a unique way. You might be better suited for a start-up than an established business. And because you care about authenticity, you should work for companies or on products or services you can believe in. Or create them yourself.

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Type Four Guide


The Individualist Angel

Highly creative and introspective, you more than any other angel value authenticity and the freedom to express yourself. You are forever striving to find your unique identity and purpose, often through art or enterprise, and are driven by your longing and melancholy to create beauty and meaning in a world of conformity.

There's more to YOU than you know.

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