You can connect the dots and see what others don’t. You love to share your knowledge with others and make a difference. But you can wait too long to share your findings with the world, because they’re “not ready yet.” It’s too easy for you to get lost in your “deep work” and endless imaginings. You need to nurture your body and brain with physical activity. Walk outside, exercise and show up and share your insights with the world, even if you haven’t perfected them yet.

You need alone time more than other types do. That makes it tough to be the boss, a side effect for quick learners like you. Too many meetings and work chaos drain you to the point of shutting down.

Look for roles with structure and space to yourself, that don’t involve a lot of public speaking or meetings with people. Imagine you’re a professor at a college where you’re allowed to do your breakthrough research while your TA’s teach the freshmen. Something like that is ideal.

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Type Five Guide


The Investigator Angel

Highly analytical and curious, you crave knowledge and perspective. You seek to understand the world through careful observation and study, and in doing so create clarity and insight for us all.

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