#9 Flight Kit


Description here of 8 & 3 being bad or better and what is a flight kit.

Here is what you provided in the document:
The more a 9 gravitates toward the personality of an 8, the worse off they will be. The more they gravitate to a type 3, the better off emotionally they will be and thus primed to become their “best 9 self.”

Type Nine Guide

The Peacemaker Angel Highly empathetic and easygoing, you value unity and avoid conflict. You create a sense of balance and tranquility in yourself and those around you, bringing peace and harmony to a contentious world.

Type Three Guide

The Achiever Angel Ambitious and goal-oriented, you relentlessly pursue success. You want nothing less than to be the best in your field, and you are driven by accomplishment and recognition in this world --- and maybe even the next.

Type Eight Guide

The Warrior Angel

Highly confident and assertive, you value power and control. You seek to establish a sense of strength and authority, and will stand up for yourself and others when necessary, bringing justice and fairness to the world.

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