#1 Flight Kit


Description here of 7 & 4 being bad or better and what is a flight kit.

Here is what you provided in the document:
The more a 1 gravitates toward the personality of a 7, the worse off they will be. The more they gravitate to a type 4, the better off emotionally they will be and thus primed to become their “best 1 self.”

Type One Guide

The Improver Angel Principled and self-disciplined, you desire excellence and order to the point of perfection. You seek justice and rightness, and are driven by your idealism to correct what you see as wrong in the world.

Type Four Guide

The Individualist Angel Highly creative and introspective, you more than any other angel value authenticity and the freedom to express yourself. You are forever striving to find your unique identity and purpose, often through art or enterprise, and are driven by your longing and melancholy to create beauty and meaning in a world of conformity.

Type Seven Guide

The Enthusiast Angel Lively and upbeat, you love to explore new experiences and seek all the thrills this world has to offer. Your irrepressible joy and freedom are infectious, bringing adventure and excitement to those around you.

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