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Find your Wings

Your so-called “wings” in Angelogic are the angels immediately adjacent to your personality type. 

The Enthusiast Wing

Class 8 Warriors with the Enthusiast’s (7) wing are action-oriented and powerful people with a passion for pursuing new opportunities. 

They tend to be self-confident, sociable, pragmatic and comfortable with conflict. They’re ambitious and independent, preferring to follow their own path. 

They dream big and have the dedication to achieve their goals. They thrive in environments that encourage their idealism, while granting them the authority to make a difference.

Careers where they soar include financial adviser, politician, director, entrepreneur, pilot, lawyer and sales director.

The Peacemaker Wing

Warriors with the Peacemaker’s (9) wing are supportive and courageous. They are natural-born leaders, attentive to others and able to see different perspectives. They thrive in environments that allow them autonomy while encouraging them to help other people.

They are confident, patient and protective, and generally more gentle and subdued than other Warrior types.

Careers that are good fits include paramedic, director, counselor, activist, business owner, professor and sales director.

Both the Enthusiast’s official guide (No. 7) and the Peacemaker’s official guide (No. 9) are available if you want to learn more. You can also find free help assessing your wings by asking fellow Enthusiasts at Angelogic Universe

Guide 8 , Page 7

Guide 8, Page 7