Guide 8


Meet your Good Angel:

At Angelogic Universe, you can connect with other Class 8 Warriors who can recognize when you’re becoming obsessed with controlling everything around you. They can help you yield to others and stop denying your own emotional needs.

Your fellow Warriors will know when you’re building up your ego in order to protect yourself. They can spot when you’re shutting down to avoid hurt or pain, and they can draw you out so you can constructively use your great qualities of strength, persistence and endurance.

Because fellow Warriors recognize themselves in you, they can help you see that self-sufficiency is largely an illusion. They can encourage you to moderate your forcefulness, become adaptable and avoid creating unnecessary conflict.

They can remind you that the world is not against you. Many people in your life care about you and look up to you. But when you are in your fixation, you do not make this easy for them.

Your fellow Warriors can also help you recognize when others are attracted to you because of your power but do not love you for yourself. 

They can spot when you’re taking on too much because you’re trying to handle everything on your own. They’ll remind you to take a step back, cut yourself some slack and get in touch with your feelings. They can encourage you to trust others and delegate some of the work so you can rest and be your best you. 

And they can help you realize that your real power lies in your ability to inspire and uplift people. You are at your best when you use your natural gifts and strength to take charge. Then you can guide the rest of us through crisis.

Guide 8, Page 4

Guide 8, Page 4