Guide 8

Your limiting emotion is Anger

Class 8 Warriors’ greatest fears are weakness and being harmed, trapped or controlled by something or someone.

Because you feel you must control your environment, and thus other people, you can appear aggressive, confrontational, intimidating,  domineering and ego-centric.

You can be skeptical of others, and especially of authority. You want to make your own decisions, counting on yourself to get things done rather than relying on others.

You will use your physical strength to protect your feelings and keep others at a safe emotional distance. But behind the tough façade is vulnerability.

And because you don’t want to appear vulnerable, you will withdraw in an effort to protect yourself. You avoid situations that may leave you exposed or defenseless.

Even though you are extremely industrious, it comes at the price of losing emotional contact with others.

When this happens, you can feel misunderstood and may distance yourself even more. Beneath your imposing exterior, you often feel hurt and rejected, though you won’t talk about it because you don’t want to admit your vulnerability to yourself or anyone else. 

Because you fear rejection, you might attempt to defend yourself by rejecting others first. This blocks you from love, since love gives the other person power over you – which at your core is your basic fear. 

“Every angel is good, but good for what?”
 Mysta Farr 

Guide 8, Page 3

Guide 8, Page 3