Guide 7

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Find Your Mates

Angels “self-aware” can get along with anybody. Still, some combinations pair more naturally than others at work, friendship and romance. Class 7 Enthusiasts like yourself pair well with Class 9 Peacemakers. 

When you become distracted and exhausted as you constantly seek new and exciting experiences, your Peacemaker can slow you down so you can make peace with the world, and with yourself, realizing you are loved just for yourself and you don’t have to go chasing love anymore. 

The Peacemaker can tenderly lead you to say no to your constant pursuit of new experiences. In the arms of your Peacemaker, you become satisfied and content, knowing your needs can be fulfilled.

They understand your desire for both fun and rest, and you share a positive outlook on life. The Enthusiast helps draw out passion in the Peacemaker to see and use their many gifts. The Peacemaker can stabilize the Enthusiast so they can shine in the world.

Guide 7, Page 8

Guide 7, Page 8