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Find your Wings

Your so-called “wings” in Angelogic are the angels immediately adjacent to your personality type. 

The Skeptic Wing

Class 7 Enthusiasts with the Skeptic’s (6) wing thrive in fast-paced environments that allow them to build community while encouraging others to be creative and adventurous. You can think things through quickly and thoroughly, remaining optimistic even in stressful situations.

Careers where you soar include as a pilot, travel agent, tour guide or travel writer, photographer, journalist, publicist, media planner or Pilates instructor.  

The Warrior Wing

Enthusiasts with the Warrior’s (8) wing are level-headed and energetic with a passion for exploration. You’re good multitaskers and thrive in environments that use your practical mind while granting you freedom and independence.

Your natural self-confidence and charisma give you the ability to assert yourself, staying high-energy and positive. You’re calm in situations of crisis.

Good careers include TV anchor, publicist, promoter, sales manager, motivational speaker, paramedic, firefighter, travel agent and travel writer. 

Both the Skeptic’s official guide (No. 6) and the Warrior’s official guide (No. 8) are available if you want to learn more. You can also find free help assessing your wings by asking fellow Enthusiasts at Angelogic Universe

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Guide 7, Page 7