Guide 7

Your limiting emotion is Fear

While you inspire the world with your energy and zest for life, you’re also the inspiration for the term FOMO. You do not want to miss out!

Class 7 Enthusiasts fear being deprived, confined and in pain. You want to protect your 

freedom and happiness.

You fight boredom by keeping yourself occupied and excited, pushing negative feelings out of your conscious awareness. Your admirable spontaneity and upbeat attitude can thus become coping tactics to avoid your pain.

Enthusiasts fear they may never find what they really want in life. Therefore you try everything and ultimately may resort to anything as a substitute for what you’re really looking for. 

When you feel you never have enough, you can move toward being self-centered, materialistic and greedy. In stress, Enthusiasts can become addictive, impulsive escapists, following dark paths toward conspicuous consumption and all forms of excess. Your desperate search for happiness can ruin your health, finances and relationships.

As you wear yourself out looking for the next thing, you can become critical toward loved ones. You appear controlling as you try to show them more efficient ways to do things,  the “right” ways. This can startle and confuse your loved ones, who usually see you as more laid back, keeping things fun and avoiding being harsh toward others. 

Instead, they might find you demanding, pushy, insensitive, impatient, impulsive, hardened and jaded – the definition of which is “lacking enthusiasm.” 

Thus you lose the very essence of your beautiful type.

“Every angel is good, but good for what?”
 Mysta Farr 

Guide 7, Page 3

Guide 7, Page 3