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Find your Wings

Your so-called “wings” in Angelogic are the angels immediately adjacent to your personality type. 

The Investigator Wing

Class 6 Skeptics with the Investigator (5) wing tend to be more introverted. 

You are cautious and focused, a hardworking thinker who knows how to put your plans into action. You thrive in safe environments that offer stability and allow you to continually learn.

Careers where you can soar include as a professor, chemist, banker, financial analyst, administrative assistant, marketing analyst, business consultant, paralegal and web developer. 

The Enthusiast Wing

Skeptics with the Enthusiast’s (7) wing want to make sure things are safe so you can enjoy yourself in the company of others. You’re dependable and positive, honoring your promises and commitments. 

You thrive in environments where you can work with others while offering them stability. You care deeply for others while dedicating yourself to a cause, and you’re naturally sociable and spirited. 

You light up a room, helping everyone work toward a common goal. 

These are some of the jobs that can be good fits for you: author, news anchor, actor, nurse, designer, real estate agent, sales representative, professor and administrative assistant. 

Both the Investigator’s official guide (No. 5) and the Enthusiast’s official guide (No. 7) are available if you want to learn more. You can also find free help assessing your wings by asking fellow Skeptics at Angelogic Universe.

Guide 6, Page 7

Guide 6, Page 7