Guide 6

Your limiting emotion is Fear

Class 6 Skeptics fear they will be without support.

Skeptics cling to others with loyalty but are anxiety-ridden, afraid of losing others’ guidance and stability. This is often expressed through skepticism of the world.

You feel anxious if you’re not prepared. You can be plagued by self-doubt and suspicion, filled with a nameless anxiety, which prompts you to try to find or create reasons why.

You can become defensive and evasive, cautious and indecisive, reactive, defiant and rebellious.

When you feel you can trust someone, you will go to great lengths to maintain connections with that person you view as a mentor or sounding board. But since you tend to not trust yourself, you’ll go to that friend early and often, pleading, Please make up my mind for me!

When you’re unsure of yourself, you become afraid of making commitments to others. Instead of testing the attitudes of others toward you, you can choose to fight against anxiety and insecurity by letting people know how you feel about them.

“Every angel is good, but good for what?”
 Mysta Farr 

Guide 6, Page 3

Guide 6, Page 3