Guide 6

Your Angelogic Score

According to your Angelogic Key, you are a Class 6 Angel:
The Skeptic.

You are cautious but committed, loyal to a fault. You dedicate yourself to people and movements. You value security, so you sacrifice for others in order to create stability in your relationships and world. 

You’re hard-working and an excellent community builder. You’re responsible, reliable, trustworthy, committed, practical, self-reliant, witty, great in a crisis, always prepared.

You focus on figuring out what’s going on around you to create safety and structure. And you’re especially good at anticipating problems and creating solutions. 

You have a gift for getting people to like you. You courageously champion yourself and others. You value the support of others and care about making helpful connections. 

All of which explains why you’re here. 

Guide 6, Page 2

Guide 6, Page 2