Guide 5

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Find Your Mates

Angels “self-aware” can get along with anybody. Still, some combinations pair more naturally than others at work, friendship and romance. 

Class 5 Investigators like yourself pair well with Class 1 Improvers and Class 2 Givers. But not with Class 9 Peacemakers. 

With Class 1 Improvers, you are wonderfully logical and intelligent together. You are hard-working and precise, but you both also value moderation. Together you have a strong moral compass and remain focused on your mutual goals of contributing goodness and innovation to the world. 

With Class 2 Givers, your love burns with faithfulness and longevity. You can be both alone as well as connected in the world. There is eternal newness and romance as well as the safety of deep committed love. Your energy plus deep knowledge can lead to great impact in your communities and in the world. Together, you love and are eager to hear every person’s story with a curiosity and a strong sense of social justice. 

But with Class 9 Peacemakers, after the initial attraction of understanding each other’s need for chemistry and connection, the Investigator may spend more energy on research and scrutiny, while the Peacemaker just wants to be seen and loved. Each must fight their tendency to turn away from each other and into their own internal worlds. 

Guide 5, Page 8

Guide 5, Page 8