Guide 4

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Find Your Mates

Angels “self-aware” can get along with anybody. Still, some combinations pair more naturally than others at work, friendship and romance. 

Passionate Individualists like yourself often benefit from relationships with rational Class 5 Investigators and more accepting Class 9 Peacekeepers. 

When you pair up with a Peacekeeper, you enjoy a deep relationship while holding onto your independence. You are empathetic with each other, attuned to each other’s needs. 

When Individualists pair with Investigators, you can talk forever about topics you love. Because you’re both natural investigators, imaginative and curious, you enjoy diving into subjects, seeking truth as well as art. You’re patient with each other and respect the other’s need to be alone in order to think or create. 

But action-oriented Class 8 Warriors may not “get” you or could be less willing to engage your feelings. True or not, you may feel attacked emotionally. Stepping back into the objectivity of your Better Angel, the Improver, will help you determine if you want to stay or step away from the relationship. 

Guide 4, Page 8

Guide 4, Page 8