Guide 3


Embrace your:
Better Angel

Some angels bring out the best in us. For you, that’s the Skeptic, the Class 6 Angel. 

The Skeptic can doubt your doubts for you. This angel will challenge the lies you tell yourself and help you look at the evidence instead, evidence that shows you are a person of value apart from achievements, evidence that shows your own values are valuable and you don’t have to keep chasing and working for others’ dreams. 

Your better angel can ask you the tough questions, like, are you doing this just to be accepted? Are you overworking yourself? They can challenge you to invest time in discovering your own core values, to take the time to listen to others, build good relationships and develop long-term strategies. 

You can become more like your better angel by reading the Skeptic’s official guide (No. 6) or meeting one at Angelogic Universe.

But take care. The irony is that you are the “bad” angel to your better angel. In stress, they may start to act more like you, which isn’t “better” for them. 

Guide 3, Page 6

Guide 3, Page 6