Guide 2

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Find Your Mates

Angels “self-aware” can get along with anybody. Still, some combinations pair more naturally than others at work, friendship and romance. 

Class 2 Givers like yourself pair well with other Class 2 Angels, because you’re mutual givers. As you deeply care for each other, you fill each other’s cup, even if you haven’t yet learned how to replenish your own. 

Givers also pair well with Class 1 Improvers and Class 9 Peacemakers.

Improvers and Givers bring out the best morals in one another. They often have the most fun together since they have many shared values, an abundance of energy and a passion for helping. 

When Givers and Peacemakers pair, they create a warm environment of love and care for their family and others. Peacemakers, who can be more withdrawn, help the Giver set boundaries so they can rest. The Giver helps the Peacemaker shine. 

Guide 2, Page 8

Guide 2, Page 8