Guide 2


Meet your Good Angel:

You are not alone! At Angelogic Universe, you’ll find other Class 2 Givers who can remind you to stop, take a breath and give yourself time and space to examine your own needs and feelings.

This allows you to give your deep, warm love and appreciation to the person who most needs it: yourself!

Fellow Givers will remind you that you’re loved just for who you are, not for what you do. Then as you play out your desire to love and affirm others, you can do it with no strings attached, offering unconditional love and truly selfless service to those around you.

Fellow Givers can spot when you have an ulterior motive in your acts of kindness. And they can warn you when you’re supporting others at the expense of harming yourself or another person, such as enabling an addict. 

They can encourage you to keep serving others while also meeting your own needs. 

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