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Embrace your:
Better Angel

Some angels bring out the best in us.

For you, that’s the Enthusiast, the Class 7 Angel who gets you out of yourself and into the fun of life. This angel can help you become more spontaneous, self-accepting, curious and open to trying new things. 

Enthusiasts help you see the world for what is good and right about it, freeing you from getting hung up on doing everything perfectly. With them, life is an endless source of wonder, joy and adventure. Their high energy keeps Improvers’ spirits up and sparks your life with excitement, refreshing your idealism.

When they help you lighten up and relax, you are free to embrace your creativity and focus on satisfaction and fulfillment. This allows you to use your many gifts to be a better angel to those around you. 

You can become more like your better angel by reading the Enthusiast’s official guide (No. 7) or meeting one at Angelogic Universe.

But take care. The irony is that you are the “bad” angel to your better angel. In stress, they may start to act more like you, which isn’t “better” for them. 

Guide 1, Page 6

Guide 1, Page 6