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Beware of your:
Bad Angel

Every angel is good for something. But some angels are not good for you, especially when you act more like them instead of embracing all that is wonderful and unique about yourself. 

The Class 4 Angel, the Individualist, can be “bad” for you when you feel tempted to behave like one. 

When a Class 1 Improver like yourself starts acting like a Class 4 Individualist, you start to redirect your positive energy that had been focused on improving the world and instead turn your focus inward. That leads to obsessing about your stress and your overwhelming emotions, instead of keeping your eye on the practical and right action. 

You can become more resentful of others having fun, more sensitive to criticism and more critical of yourself and others. Your already well-practiced inner critic can go into overdrive.

Then the downward spiral kicks in as you recognize with horror how far short of perfect you are. Again. 

You can protect yourself from your bad angel by reading the Individualist’s official guide (No. 4), which ironically advises them to act more like YOU — their Better Angel! 

Guide 1, Page 5

Guide 1, Page 5