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Meet your Good Angel:

You are not alone! At Angelogic Universe, you’ll find other Class 1 Improvers who will recognize your self-criticism as that incessant inner voice that says you have to be perfect.

Fellow Improvers understand your relentless demand to be “good.” They feel the same pressure you do to control their emotions and instincts. So they can spot when you’re suppressing your real you, when you’re stuffing your anger in order to maintain your self-image.

They know how hard it is to always be trying to make the world a better place for everybody. They know that chasing perfection is exhausting. So they can remind you that we’re all a work in progress, encouraging you to reach for excellence instead. 

And they can give you permission to stop denying yourself the simple pleasures of life. It’s OK to have fun! 

Improvers who have learned to turn off that inner critic will offer you acceptance, reminding you that mistakes are a natural part of learning and growth. This helps you experience forgiveness, so you can then offer it to others. 

And they remind you that you are worthy of love and belonging.

You start to relax when you feel your fellow Improvers’ acceptance. As you are freed from your constant need to correct yourself and others, you can accept errors, differences and natural desires – and find joy in all the beauty that’s in you, and in others.

As you grow in compassion toward yourself and others, peace will replace the pain of criticism. 

Guide 1, Page 4

Guide 1, Page 4