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Your limiting emotion is Anger

The world’s not perfect, the people around you aren’t perfect, YOU’re not perfect. And you know it all too well. And that makes you angry. 

You get angry when important rules and standards are ignored or violated. When others don’t live up to your impossibly high standards. When you see others as lazy. 

Your criticism and judgmental attitudes can cause people to be defensive around you, leaving you to fume, “Why are people not helping me the way I help improve others? Why can’t they appreciate all the good I’m doing?”

Because Improvers often deny themselves the simple pleasures of life, your anger can flare when you see others doing the fun things you wish you could enjoy. You wish that you also could be spontaneous, instead of always feeling like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.

 But because showing anger would mar your carefully crafted self-image of being good and perfect, you hold in your anger, leading you to feel resentful, impatient, ornery.

Then, because Improvers are so adept at seeing flaws and inconsistencies, you turn your anger on yourself for not being perfect. 

“Every angel is good, but good for what?”
 Mysta Farr 

Guide 1, Page 3

Guide 1, Page 3