Turning Good People into Better Angels

Angelogic Inc. is Earth’s most iconic AI company, bringing the celestial algorithms and hidden synchronicity of the universe to high-performing individuals and forward-thinking organizations to make this world a richer, deeper, better place.

Angelogic Inc. is the infinite intelligence behind big tech companies, international organizations and world governments. Client states use our top-secret quantum algorithms to send you down their “recommendation” black holes, tell you what music to listen to or TV shows to stream, and decide whether or not you get that loan or job.

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Mysta Farr

"Angelogic turns good people into better Angels. Let us take your life to a higher level: Where your soul’s deep joy meets the world’s deep need." ~ Mysta Farr

Our Story

Founded by CEO Mysta Farr and funded by IQT, Angelogic Inc. is the stuff of legend. Mysta’s original SPSSx program at university first made waves in the intelligence community by linking the brain patterns of 13-year-old girls to Third World despots and state sponsors of terror. Angelogic later spun off its proprietary Future Threats Matrix (code name M.Y.S.T.A.) into commercial applications, matching the “personalities” of brands and even nations to the markets where they shine best.

As a result, Angelogic Inc. has become a leading if reluctant force in the global entertainment and social media space. From fixing continuity errors in blockbuster fantasy franchises and government press briefings, to embedding subliminal commands in corporate media, universities and megachurches, Angelogic Inc.’s quantum AI is working 24/7 to virtue-signal and influence billions of consumers just like you.

How to reach Us


Our work spans the Cosmos.
Our heart is on Planet Earth.


One World Trade Center, Floor 105
New York, NY 10007 USA
Phone: 212-589-8933