Guide 9

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Find Your Mates

Angels “self-aware” can get along with anybody. Still, some combinations pair more naturally than others at work, friendship and romance. 

Class 9 Peacemakers like yourself pair well with Class 1 Improvers and Class 2 Givers. 

Both Peacemakers and Improvers tend to give minimal attention to themselves. They find satisfaction pouring out their great stores of energy loving others in the community and giving generously to one another. 

They help each other let go of stress so they can release goodness, wisdom, strength and peace into their worlds. They can give acceptance and grace to each other just as they are, without trying to fix one another or hold passive aggression. 

Peacemakers and Givers are similar in a wide variety of areas and reactions. Both are interested in nurturing others and helping them become better people. They’re mellow, kind, generous and optimistic. They help each other reframe disappointments in positive ways. They go out of their way to be considerate of each other and others. They’re easy-going, hospitable and undemanding, constantly making new friends and inviting them into their circle. 

They both tend to give away their power to go along with the agendas of others. When Givers forget how loved they are, Peacemakers calm them down as they pour out acceptance. When Peacemakers withdraw or become passive-aggressive as a way of dealing with their anger, Givers can give them a safe space to find their voice and speak up for themselves – which Peacemakers can then turn around and do for the Giver.

The Peacemaker helps the Giver set boundaries and rest, while the Giver’s thoughtful inclusion allows the Peacemaker to show up bigger and to be seen and celebrated as special. 

Guide 9, Page 8

Guide 9, Page 8