Guide 9


Embrace your:
Better Angel

Some angels bring out the best in us. For you, that’s the Class 3 Angel, the Achiever. 

Achievers energize Peacemakers. They bring change and excitement, along with an enormous sense of self-confidence and the hope of success.

Achievers help Peacemakers be more assertive and present. They inspire you to set difficult goals and to work hard and efficiently. And they give you the momentum to accomplish those goals, bringing you joy.

They also help you properly value yourself, so you have more self-respect and invest in your own development, inspiring your personal ambition.

You can become more like your better angel by reading the Achiever’s official guide (No. 3) or meeting one at Angelogic Universe.

But take care. The irony is that you are the “bad” angel to your better angel. In stress, they may start to act more like you, which isn’t “better” for them. 

Guide 9, Page 6

Guide 9, Page 6