Guide 9


Beware of your:
Bad Angel

Every angel is good for something. But some angels are not good for you, especially when you act more like them instead of embracing all that is wonderful and unique about yourself. 

The Class 6 Angel, the Skeptic, can be “bad” for you when you feel tempted to behave like one. 

When you do, your normally sunny disposition turns pessimistic as you focus on the negatives around you.

When you’re just trying to get along, the Skeptic in you turns your attention to complications and the pain people cause each other, how things look all wrong, even in you. Your peace dissolves into worry and anxiety.

Instead of bringing people together, you start bringing up all of the ways people have wronged or hurt you. You begin to feel self-righteous, snapping at others and speaking out against them, pointing out all the ways you feel they’re doing wrong and hurting others.

Instead of avoiding conflict, suddenly your anxiety is causing it. 

You can protect yourself from your bad angel by reading the Skeptic’s official guide (No. 6), which ironically advises them to act more like YOU — their Better Angel! 

Guide 9, Page 5

Guide 9, Page 5