Guide 9


Meet your Good Angel:

At Angelogic Universe, you can connect with other Class 9 Peacemakers.

These Angels can spot when you’re tuning out or walking away from problems. They can remind you that you are indeed capable of facing them.

They’ll challenge you to stay focused on your priorities and stick up for your own position, even if that involves discomfort or conflict. 

They can point out when it looks like you’re just going with the flow instead of stepping up to lead others with your gifts of bringing people together and healing conflicts.

Fellow Peacemakers help you notice when you feel resistance inside you, or when you’re withdrawing or just numbing out. They will encourage you to examine any underlying anger to find what it’s saying – before you express your negative emotions inadvertently and thus get in the way of the peace and harmony you want in your relationships. 

When you stop burying your anger and giving into others’ demands, and start standing up for yourself, you can think clearly and bring your gifts of leadership and peacekeeping to your communities.

Guide 9, Page 4

Guide 9, Page 4