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Earn your Wings

Your so-called “wings” in Angelogic are the angels immediately adjacent to your personality type. 

The Achiever Wing

Individualists with the Achiever (3) wing are driven to impact the world while keeping their sense of self. 

You’re ambitious, energetic, creative and charismatic. You understand yourself and love to express this understanding through art. 

You’re an individualistic artist with a sense of wonder about the beauty of nature and the spectrum of human emotion. 

You’re competitive and always want to be the best. You’re more image-conscious, thus you’re better at controlling your emotions. You desire to be different but still accepted by society.

You thrive in an environment that allows you room for creativity while encouraging you to connect with others. 

Good career fits are as a performer, photographer, artist, motivational speaker, journalist, hair stylist, personal trainer, music teacher, dance instructor and in roles in fitness, fashion and social influencing. 

The Investigator Wing

Individualists with the Investigator (5) wing are deep thinkers with a desire for personal autonomy and self-expression.

You are inquisitive, insightful, intellectual, reflective, reserved and introverted. You don’t mind being by yourself and likely prefer books to people. 

You’re an intense creator with artistic interests that are unique, avant-garde or eccentric. You use self-expression to highlight the universality of the human condition. You value the unique without the need to be seen or noticed.

You thrive in an environment that gives you space to think while encouraging you to share and express your creativity. 

Look for careers in literature, music or art. Good fits include as an actor, writer, librarian, architect, videographer, musician, artist or graphic designer. 

Both the Achiever’s official guide (No. 3) and the Investigator’s official guide (No. 5) are available if you want to learn more. You can also find free help assessing your wings by asking fellow Individualists at Angelogic Universe.

Guide 4, Page 7

Guide 4, Page 7