Guide 3

Your Angelogic Score

According to your Angelogic Key, you are a Class 3 Angel:
The Acheiver.

You desire above all else to be a person of value. And you are! 

You’re sophisticated, smart, energetic, adaptable, ambitious and able to succeed in almost any situation. 

You’re admired for your exceptional performance, productivity and dedication. You set high goals and strive to be the best. You want to be remembered and appreciated for your discoveries and creations. 

You’re usually the best dressed, and you appreciate the finer things of life. You project an image of wealth and success.

You are worth the effort to become the best you that you can be. And when you succeed, you inspire others to invest in their own self-development and become their best selves.

All of which explains why you’re here.

Guide 3, Page 2

Guide 3, Page 2