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Find your Wings

Your so-called “wings” in Angelogic are the angels immediately adjacent to your personality type. 

The Improver Wing

Class 2 Givers with the Improver (1) wing want to help others one person at a time. 

They love being able to contribute to a cause and getting hands-on in delivering their help. Dedicated and selfless, they thrive in environments that encourage them to help others. 

They may appear more quiet, studious and reserved. They can struggle with criticism. 

They make great religious and nonprofit leaders, counselors, hospice nurses, veterinarians, school psychologists and advisers. 

The Achiever Wing

Class 2 Givers with the Achiever (3) wing want to help larger groups. They encourage collaboration and set big goals for helping the community. 

Outgoing, self-assured and self-sacrificing, they love being able to make a difference in the world. 

They tend to be more sociable and ambitious, strong communicators who focus on building deep relationships. They can also be competitive and self-critical.

Like Givers with the Improver (1) wing, they too make good religious leaders or nonprofit leaders. Other good fits are in public relations, and as real estate agents, customer service representatives, human resources managers, motivational speakers and entertainers. 

Both the Improver’s official guide (No. 1) and the Achiever’s official guide (No. 3) are available if you want to learn more. You can also find free help assessing your wings, and how to soar, by asking fellow Givers at Angelogic Universe. 

Guide 2, Page 7

Guide 2, Page 7