Guide 2

Your Angelogic Score

According to your Angelogic Key, you are a Class 2 Angel:
The Giver.

You desire above all else to feel loved, and you seek that love by being helpful. 

You’re generous and considerate, a selfless caregiver who goes out of your way for others. 

Givers are the people that strangers are naturally drawn to for directions or advice. Because you’re highly attuned to the needs of others, you’re often seen as the mother or father figure among your friends. You help them see positive qualities in themselves that they hadn’t recognized.

You find great joy in being available and are seen as a source of encouragement or a shoulder to cry on. 

You continually make an effort to keep in touch with loved ones. You know their love languages and enjoy doing things for them and putting a smile on their faces.

Your heart is so warm and open that you show the people  around you how to be more deeply human. You bring life and light to all by showering them with attention and appreciation.

You understand the meaning of empathy and are able to have genuine, heart-to-heart connections with others.

All of which explains why you’re here. 

Guide 2, Page 2

Guide 2, Page 2